Kevin O'Reilly, Founder and President, has the vision to give every teen, young adult, and adult an opportunity to encounter Jesus and have their hearts set on fire for the Lord. Kevin designed IMN to manifest this vision and now shares it with parishes and schools across the country.  

Ignite sets up an interactive and highly energetic atmosphere to meet teenagers and students where they are in their lives.  IMN features a funny MC, dynamic keynote speaker, TV game show games, Live Worship Band Music, PowerPoint, professional LED lighting system, banners, raffle prizes, activities and more! This is a very brief overview of Ignite.  

Ignite is perfect for a retreat, youth rally, kick off event, school assembly event, Confirmation retreat, or a large youth group night at your parish. Please contact us to allow your teens and students to encounter Jesus in a new and powerful way today! 


Our Mission

Our mission is to IGNITE the hearts of young people with a greater love for Jesus by ENGAGING and CHALLENGING them and then offering an ENCOUNTER with our LORD.  With T.V. game show games, raffle prizes, dynamic speakers, LED lights, live worship band, and more. IGNITE Ministries Nights allows people to experience their CATHOLIC FAITH in a fun and exciting atmosphere so that they may CHOOSE to explore their own relationship with CHRIST on a deeper level. 


Why bring IMN to your parish or school?

The purpose of Ignite is to get students excited about their faith. Pope Francis states in the Joy of the Gospel, “We must seek to abandon the complacent attitude that says, “We have always done it this way.” I invite everyone to be bold and creative in this task of rethinking the goals, structures, style, and methods of evangelization.”  Ignite is the answer to this calling made by Pope Francis.  The goal of Ignite is to get teenagers excited about their faith by experiencing it in a different way.       


This is what you need to spark the faith of your students!  


I have come to set the world on fire,
and, oh, how I wish it were already ablaze
— Luke 12:49