Kevin O'Reilly - founder and president of IMN

Kevin is an outgoing and sometimes funny guy fueled by Mountain Dew, Coke, and the Holy Spirit with the desire to tell everyone about Jesus through his vision of Ignite.  He has a Masters of Art in Catechetics and Evangelization from Franciscan University.  He also has a Philosophy and Religious Studies and Communication degree from Radford University. Kevin loves his beautiful holy hottie, Victoria, who he married on July 16th 2016.          


Josh Goodman - Vice president of imn

Josh's passion is sharing Christ's love with others through the gift of music and offering joyful praise up to the Lord.  Josh Goodman is always eager to serve the Lord especially as a musician and worship leader. Josh attends Old Dominion University where he is earning a Bachelors degree in Spanish and serves his school as a leader in the Catholic Campus Ministry program. He also drinks coffee, often before it is cool.. he's kind of a hipster like that!


Alex enriquez - photographer and video editor 

Alex loves hiking, paint-balling, and taking pictures. He uses his gifts of photography for the Lord. Alex designs and edits videos for IMN.  He goes to schools at CVCC and can't wait to change the world.   


Annie Keller - Ignite associate

Annie has three passions in life - God, music, and dogs.  She is a graduate of UNC Chapel Hill with a bachelors degree in Music and Theater.  Annie always has her amazing dog around named "Newman."  In her spare time you might see Annie singing, skipping down the street with her dog, drinking a Coke Zero or watching "The Blacklist" on Netflix. She feels blessed to be part of this team and hopes to continue to be a part of IMN, further inspiring and quite literally igniting relationships in young people with our Lord, Jesus!! 

Courtney Bansmer bio.jpg

courtney bansmer - graphic designer 

From Thailand to west coast of the United States, Courtney has always been bringing people to Jesus.  Courtney has a passion for graphic design and uses her creative mind to make cool and practical designs for IMN.      



harriet scott - Ignite associate

Harriet is one of six crazy and awesome kids.  She is an outgoing and funny girl inspired by God to share the love of Jesus to the world.  She has traveled the country giving dynamic talks and retreats.  She is excited to serve with the IMN team.    



VICTORIA O'REILLY - ignite associate

Victoria loves hiking, Netflix, kids, and the Lord.  She is getting her masters in education from Randolph College where she desires to serve the Lord in the classroom. Victoria is excited and pumped to spread the message of faith, hope, and love of Jesus to everyone especially through IMN.   



If Brandon is not helping at Ignite, he is probably riding his motorcycle to the beach.  He has been with the team  since day one with the vision to spread Ignite around the country. He even jumped out of a plane with Kevin.  He loves watching sports and cooking, especially on the grill outside. Brandon is the master of all the behind the scenes technology at Ignite and strives to make sure every teen has a blast at Ignite. 

MIKE KNAPP - Director for MUSIC 

Mike loves praising Jesus, skateboarding, and Lord of the Rings.  If you are having a bad day, Mike is the guy to talk to because his joy and jokes are everyone needs to brighten their day.  Mike who is a die hard American is part of the original Ignite band and loves leading teens in worship at Ignite Ministry Nights.   



Justin Smith - Ignite Associate

Justin loves, Chick-Fil-A, playing piano, and being outdoors. He studies at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill preparing for dental school.  Justin is excited to share the love and peace of Christ with everyone he meets through IMN.