“My parents were forcing me to get Confirmed in the Church, but after the Ignite retreat I wanted to be Confirmed in the Church and follow Jesus.”

—Diego, 9th Grader

“For the second year in a row, Ignite has given our adolescents at St. Raphael Catholic Church a retreat experience that they are enthused about and very present to. The music that is used is praise and worship, well played and strong volume. The teaching and devotions are traditional, including an hour of Eucharistic Adoration during the Confessions. I ask two of the young people how they were finding the retreat, and they both said that they “loved” it. I don’t remember having a retreat that I “loved” during high school. I’m glad Ignite has developed a way to connect our young people with God who loves them.”

—Fr. Bruce (Parochial Vicar)

“Ignite gave me the opportunity to get excited about my Catholic Faith.”

—Ted, 10th Grader

“I felt the presence of Jesus through Ignite”

—Brittany, 7th Grader

“The best surprise about Ignite was Kevin’s emcee skills. He was patient and ingenious at drawing them out of their shell and getting them involved. He let the shy ones take their time. He calmed the overzealous. He used techniques that got everyone involved without making them uncomfortable.”

—Veronica (Youth Minister)

“You (Ignite) were faced with a last minute change, and you responded with a creativity and grace. I am grateful that you relieved me of a terrible burden of trying to fix the problem. I received only positive feedback from my students. One young man texted me that he wised he could have been there longer. I can honestly say I have NEVER heard a retreat participant say that. We hope to have you back next year. Your teams are such a great gift to the Diocese of Raleigh.

—Mary Hart (Director of Religious Education)

“No words can express the joy I felt at Ignite”

—Katie, 8th Grader

“I felt the redemption of Christ in my heart at Ignite”

—Christian, 11th Grader

“Ignite was not afraid to bring our kids into a deeper experience of faith through adoration, Reconciliation, Mass, Praise and Worship, and more. I loved the high energy of Ignite and how they did all the “heavy lifting” for the retreat.”

—Linda (Coordinator of Faith Formation)